3 new katayef filling ideas you never thought of!

Katayef are our Arabic version of pancakes; they are usually stuffed with cheese, Kashta or nuts and served with sugar syrup. But if you feel like experimenting a little with these heavenly bites, we invite you to try the following fillings’ ideas!


  • Chocolate:

Chocolate fans will love this idea! Prepare and seal your Katayef half open, just like you’d do for the Katayef Asafiri, then fill them with your favorite chocolate spread, sprinkle some crushed hazelnuts on top and serve immediately.

And for the greedier ones, you can add a drizzle of American Garden chocolate syrup!


  • Peanut butter:

American Garden’s flavored peanut butters make for a perfect Katayef stuffing as well.

We recommend you try American Garden peanut butter with strawberry jelly and top the katayef with some diced strawberries that will add freshness to your dessert.


  • Dates:

Looking for a way to convince your little ones to eat dates? All you have to do is to mix some seedless dates with their preferred kind of nuts, add some butter and stir over medium heat until well combined. Stuff your dough, deep-fry the katayef then serve with sugar syrup. This recipe is a keeper!

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