3 Ways to Avoid Burning Cooking Pots

Have you ever been so excited while making a dish, only to discover that your favourite slow cooker or crock pot is burnt and your dish is now ruined. Well, you are not the only one, it happens to the best of us, but there are ways to avoid this.

1. Preheat your instant pots. Do NOT put food in a cold pot while you pressure cook or slow cook. When the pot starts to heat up, the food in there will cook and stick to it and potentially burn, even in electric cookers, if left on endlessly. This happens especially when using oil – preheat oil in the pot to provide a nice sear and a protective layer that avoids burning.

2. Stir regularly. Nowadays we follow cooker pressure recipes using tablets and phones, but also while watching tv series or movies. If you get distracted and forget to stir your food, it will scorch or burn. Another secret to avoid burning your food cooker from spillovers while boiling, is to put a long wooden spoon over the top to prevent the pot’s contents from bubbling over.

3. Clean your pots before cooking. Sometimes, the pot does not only burn on the inside – it can burn on its sides or bottom as well. This usually happens when a pot is reused and was not cleaned properly. There is nothing worse than seeing smoke coming from the bottom of your pot because a leftover piece of food or raw ingredient.

Now that you know how to avoid burning your cooking pots, please visit our recipes section for recipes for slow cookers or recipes for instant pot cookers and get cooking!

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