5 Creative and Tasty Ways to Add Falafel to Your Meals

Falafel is an Arabic favourite that has a long standinghistory among Middle-eastern cultures. Traditionally, falafel and pita have always been paired together, just like peanut butter and jelly or fish and chips. It’s nearly impossible to picture one without the other! In this article we’ve found some fun ways to use these chickpea balls of flavour and turn them into fantastic fusion meals. Let’s dive right in!

1. Put down your pita and say goodbye to the good ol’ falafel sandwich because this is going to blow your mind. Presenting, the falafel burger. While burgers aren’t part of the traditional Arabic food domain, we like to think of this as a veggie burger substitute. To make a falafel burger, once falafel ingredients are blended, instead of moulding them into balls, shape them into burger patties and voila, you have a fusion burger just like that. We recommend combining your falafel burger with creamy avocados, fresh greens and you can throw in some olives if you’re feeling adventurous. This burger is great as a vegan option too.

2. If you’re looking for easy- dinner ideas and enjoy your falafels and hummus, but are tired of the same taste, this recipe will help you switch up the traditional falafel and elevate it. This is your chance to take a simple homemade food recipe and turn it into a gourmet delight without spending too much time or effort on it. Next time you make falafels at home, instead of just using a traditional recipe, we suggest adding some beetroot to your falafels balls. The beets will add a much-needed freshness in colour and flavour. You can enjoy this on a bed of greens, make it into a pita pockets with hummus and garlic sauce (toum) or enjoy them on their own with a dipping sauce – the choice is yours.

3. What is better than falafel and pita bread? Falafel and tortilla wraps – yes, you heard right! We’ve recently been enjoying our falafel balls as tacos and thought you might enjoy them too. Since tortilla wraps are quite similar to pita bread this recipe is foolproof and will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Simply add some cilantro and lime to your falafel sandwich and you’ll have a healthy, wholesome and amazing fusion meal.

4. “Falaffle” is the trendy new food on the block. If you haven’t got it by now, “falaffle” = falafel + waffle. Enjoy this for breakfast, lunch or dinner – it’s up to you. It’s pretty simple to make, super healthy for your family and tastes divine. All you need is some falafel batter and a waffle maker and there you have it. You can combine it with hummus, green, tahini or a dipping syrup of your choice. Experiment with it and find what works for you and yours.

5. Another version of meat lettuce wraps are falafel lettuce wraps. These bad boys pack a punch of protein and veggie goodness and will keep you satiated through your day. Vegan? Following a keto diet plan? or just curious to try something new?-  this is a dish that works for everyone!

While some foods just go hand in hand, they can also be quite versatile if used creatively. So have fun with these recipes, mix them up and come up with your very own fusion falafel dishes. 

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