5 Different Ways to Top your Popcorn

Many people consider popcorn to be the perfect snack—it can be enjoyed any time, any place, and with almost anyone. Here are five different ways to top your popcorn that you can try today!

1 – Cookies and Cream
Cookies and cream are a go-to flavoring for pretty much anything including popcorn. Bring your loved ones together during summer by making delicious Popcorn desserts topped up with cookies and cream.

2 – Buffalo Sauce
Buffalo topping and Popcorn are not a classic combination but one day that might change. Mixing these two together brings a unique culinary experience. Make this combination at home and surprise your guests with it. Our American Garden’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce and classic popcorn are the only ingredients you need.

3 – Cinnamon-Sugar
Cinnamon-sugar is always a safe bet. If cookies and cream was too rich and buffalo was too spicy, then this combination is a perfect option to top your Popcorn. This is one of the easiest toppings to make, and somehow still one of the tastiest.

4 – Parmesan-Garlic
For all cheese lovers, parmesan garlic topping works great as a quick snack. To make it, you’ll simply mix together the salt, cheese, and garlic in a small bowl. Then, take your large bowl of popcorn and pour the melted butter all over followed by the garlic-cheese mixture. Toss the popcorn to disperse the flavor and enjoy. It’s fast, easy, and delicious!

5 – Rosemary Parmesan
This is the perfect topping for those who prefer the freshness of natural flavors like rosemary. That flavor along with fresh parmesan cheese came together well enough to make your visitors asking for more.

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