5 things you didn’t know about popcorn

Popcorn. Just saying this word brings its smell and its crunch! What would be like the movies without it? Popcorn is not only the children favorite snack, adults also love it, especially that it’s healthy and contain little calories! Considering the size of kernels, popcorn has a long history and such great health benefits! Let’s discover more stuff that you probably didn’t know about your most beloved snack food!

  • Popcorn is 5.000 years old!

Yes, popcorn is that old, the first traces were found in a cave in New Mexico, then it spread throughout the American continent. When the colonists from Europe settled in North America, it is said that popcorn was eaten as a breakfast cereal with milk and sugar.

  • Popcorn popper was invented in the 19th century

Charles Cretor introduced the popcorn machine in 1893 in the World’s Columbian Exposition; it was light and mobile to make a good business for a short period of time.

  • Popcorn, a money-making opportunity

After being annoyed by vendors selling popcorn across the theaters, the cinema owners realized that this simple snack could increase their revenues, so they began serving it in 1912.

  • A kernel pops at 175˚C

Did you ever wonder what make the popcorn grains pop? Well, each little kernel contains a certain amount of moisture depending on its size. Once heated at 175˚C, the moisture turns to steam and the kernel explodes or pops inside out.

  • Popcorn is fat-free

If you’re on diet, the best snack you can have is popcorn; it’s rich in fibers, low in sodium and calories. It fills you and makes you eat less. So how about you try our American Garden classic popcorn or microwave popcorn natural light to enjoy your favorite movie?

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