5 ways to involve your kids in the kitchen!

Does the thought of cooking with your children sound overwhelming? Well, we have to disagree. In fact, we believe that cooking is a perfect family activity to practice indoors, as long as the safety rules are applied.

Involving your kids in the kitchen will make them understand the meaning of sharing and helping one another; in addition, it will contribute in building some basic learning that they need in their daily lives such as mathematics skills and cooking techniques.

Here are 5 fun ways to make this happen!

1- Choosing the recipe

Kids can come up with creative ideas, so let them do the planning. Help them by explaining which ingredients go well together, and always try to share new ideas with them. This will help them develop their communication skills.

2- Measuring the ingredients

Whatever you’re preparing, make sure to read the recipe together, and then let your kids prepare the ingredients and measure them. This is a great way to practice counting as well as basic mathematics problems.

3- Mixing

Help them differentiate the kitchen utensils and teach them how each one is used to correctly mix, whisk and fold. Nothing will please them more than to be able to whip that easy strawberry cake!

4- Shaping and decorating

How about you let your kids shape their own cookies and biscuits? They are definitely able to drop a spoonful of the batter onto a baking sheet, and flatten it with their palms, for a delicious peanut butter cookie.

And for fancier shaped cookies, let them use the cookie cutters. You might also want to prepare an additional batch that they will decorate. Great fun guaranteed!

5- Setting the table

Once all your meals are ready, let them set the table for your lunch or dinner. Show them how to place the plates, glasses and cutlery, and how to fold napkins into fun shapes.

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