Avoid these mistakes while preparing BBQ!‎

There are 3 main keys to become a BBQ expert they say: patience, practice and flexibility! That’s why the next time you gather with the family, remember to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Waiting for the meat to warm up:

Letting your steak cut warm up to room temperature after marinating it in barbecue sauce before grilling will cook the meat too quickly what will help in getting out all its delicious juices.

Make sure to remove your meat from the fridge directly before laying it on the grill. Tip: steak leftovers help you prepare the tastiest grilled steak salad. Try it out!

2. Over greasing your grill:

This step will only leave you with burnt fats on the grill before even adding your food. Instead, marinate your food before grilling to get the best results. Try among American Garden recommended chicken BBQ marinades the one that suits you best! We prefer by far the ultimate mustard marinade rich in our exquisite mustard sauce.

3. Using direct heat in charcoal grills:

Direct heat will start to burn the outside of your food even before getting to its center. That said you will end up with a burnt outside rare inside. Instead, avoid direct heat: move the charcoal to one side of the grill and use the other side to cook your chicken tikka kebab prepared our way.

4. Eating your meat right away:

Are you always in a hurry to taste your steak once removed from the grill? Well, that too is a mistake to avoid simply because the juices of the steak move while cooking and stay at the center of the meat. If you cut it right away, you’re most probably end up losing all those juices, therefore meat tenderness. Instead, wait for 3-5 minutes before cutting your steak. Serve your steak with potato wedges and an American garden mayonnaise dip.

For better BBQ experience, learn the best grill cleaning and maintenance tips.

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