Best cuts for BBQ!

As much as it sounds easy, making the perfect barbecue can be a bit challenging. There are many little details that you need to look into, most importantly the different BBQ cuts: certain cuts that are suitable for grilling better than others. What are the best meat cuts for grilling? Let’s discover together!


1- Loin  
It’s located in the back of the animal body, behind the rib and known to be one of the most tender cuts. It is the most popular part in the market and serves for many types of steaks such as the tenderloin and the sirloin. For a better taste when grilling, marinate overnight! Use the tenderloin to make this grilled steak with mushroom sauce recipe.


2- Chuck  
The chuck is located near the shoulder and the neck. It contains connective tissue and collagen that makes it a little tough and chewy, nonetheless its flavor is great when grilled. To make it tender, make sure to marinate overnight in the refrigerator. This part serves to make ground beef and it’s perfect to make this delightful beef burger.


3- Rib  
The rib is the best part, it’s juicy, tender and full of flavor. Before grilling it, rub it with oil, garlic and rosemary to make it tastier! No need for long hours to marinate!


4- Flank  
The flank is on the front belly below the rib, it contains a lot of fat and is a bit tough. Marinate overnight before grilling it to make it tender and juicier!

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