Foods you never thought of for BBQ gatherings

When you look for barbecue recipes, meat, fish, chicken and hot dogs are as classic as you can get. But did you think that there are plenty of foods that you can barbecue and that you never considered before? Here at American Garden, we are bringing you a list of tasty foods that you never thought of barbecuing:


  • Pizza

Pizza tastes even better when paired with rich charcoal smoke. Pick a nice sunny day and fire up your grill. Get your ingredients ready, spread them on the dough and start grilling! You can try preparing our special Barbecue Pizza using American Garden BBQ Sauce-Original and even add grilled vegetables to your topping!

  • Edamame

This flavor-packed appetizer is the perfect addition to your barbecue gatherings! Just toss your edamame with olive oil, throw them on a preheated grill then serve with our delicious American Garden Soy sauce. Exquisite idea!

  • Watermelon

Have you ever thought of grilling this refreshing summer fruit? Just slice your watermelon, add a dollop of American Garden Lemon juice and serve as a dessert after a barbecue feast among your family and friends! They will absolutely love it.

  • French Fries

Instead of going back and forth to the kitchen so you could check on your fries, why don’t you grill them with the rest of your barbecue foods? Same taste, less effort! Your family and guests will love them, especially when served with American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise or French dressing.

  • Peaches

This delicious fruit tastes even better when grilled. Just pat dry rinsed and drained peaches then grill for 4 to 5 min to each side until caramelized and soft. Slice and add them to your favorite season salads then toss with American Garden Italian dressing.

  • Pineapple

Pineapples can make an excellent dessert when you’re gathering with family and friends in nature or at home especially when grilled! Just rinse, drain and pat dry your pineapple slices and throw them on the grill. Add cinnamon to taste and enjoy the juiciness. Everyone will love it!

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