How to pack a healthy lunch box for school?

A healthy lifestyle starts at school, and by packing your kids’ lunchboxes every day, you’ll be able to know exactly what they are eating throughout the day.

Follow our tips to initiate your little ones to healthy eating for a better life.


  • Choose their favorite ingredients:

While packing lunchboxes, always remember that you should choose foods your kids like to ensure they will eat them.

Try to be creative and vary the foods you’re sending with them. Don’t be afraid to add new stuff, but always ask them about it first and let them feel that they’re part of the decision-making process. They might surprise you with new ideas from time to time!


  • Add vegetables in an implicit way:

Most kids are not big fans of vegetables. If that’s the case with your children, we recommend you try chopping the veggies – cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce… – into small cubes and adding them to the wraps and sandwiches.

They might also accept to try cherry tomatoes or carrot, cucumber and celery sticks with a side dip that they love, like American Garden’s Thousand Island or Ranch dressing.


  • Use yesterday’s leftovers:

Do you have some of yesterday’s homemade pizza slices left? This is absolutely a great idea to add to your kids’ lunchboxes! Same for samosas, Kibbeh, cheese rolls, pies… as long as your kids loved them.


  • Don’t forget water and natural juices:

Keep your kids hydrated with water and natural juices. And from time to time, surprise them with their favorite homemade smoothies or milkshakes.


  • Remember that dessert is a must!

All kids love having desserts during the day; never omit desserts from their lunchboxes, but always try to go for healthy choices. Fruits are the healthiest option, but a small portion of a homemade cake, prepared with American Garden ready cake mix, is guaranteed to please them from time to time. A small sandwich of American Garden peanut butter with grape jelly is also a good idea.

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