Ketchup Beyond Fries and Burgers

When you’re enjoying a bowl of fries or a juicy hamburger, there is always something that comes to mind – Ketchup! Having a hamburger with ketchup just makes for a tastier meal!

The sweet tomato sauce has been part of everyone’s fridge since decades, but there are more uses to Ketchup than just ketchup and fries or burgers and ketchup! Read on:

1. Make your food glossy and shinier.

Ketchup can bring up the colors of any grilled dishes when it is used as glaze.

2. Add it to your savory dishes.

Sometimes less is more, and this has been proven when cooking a savory dish. If you add too much salt, add a splash of Ketchup to your dish – this will help to balance out the flavours. It also works as a “secret” ingredient in many dishes such as curry and stews.

3. Use it for sauces and marinades.

From Bolognese to Barbecue Sauce, Ketchup has been the base for many cuisines. Surprisingly, the popular Pad Thai uses Ketchup to bring its Asian flavours together.

4. Use it in stir fries.

If you like sweet and sour chinese food, the next time you decide to make a home cooked chinese meal, be sure to add some tomato ketchup in there. Surprisingly, the popular Pad Thai uses Ketchup to bring its Asian flavours together

5. Add to Salad dressing.

Ketchup is the key ingredient for some of our favourite salad dressings, including thousand island dressing, Russian dressing and Catalina dressing.

As you can see, Ketchup is extremely versatile when it comes to cooking. Give our American Garden Ketchup a try for your next meal.

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