Kids in the kitchen: apply these 5 safety rules!

Cooking with children can be really fun, and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your little ones. It also helps stimulate their curiosity and teach them to appreciate food and healthy eating.

But with sharp tools, electrical appliances and hot stove, a kitchen can be a dangerous place for kids.

That’s why you should never leave your kids unsupervised in a kitchen; in addition, you should always apply these 5 rules, to make sure everyone is safe, in order to spend some delightful time.

1- Follow these general hygiene rules

This rule applies to both adults and kids. Whenever in the kitchen, make your children wash their hands before touching any foods. Ask your little kids to always tie their hair before the cooking starts! And get them small cute aprons to protect their clothes from spills.

2- Keep them away from sharp tools

Children tend to imitate their parents, and they might think that cutting veggies is quite fun, so keep sharp knives out of their reach. And depending on their ages, you can teach them how to handle the knife in a proper way.

3- Be careful near the stove!

Teach your child never to leave towels near the stove; fire can spread fast in the kitchen. And most importantly, turn the pan handles off to the side to prevent your kids from touching them or even bumping into them.

4- Clean up the spills

All spills should be cleaned right away, and especially oil spills, because they might be slippery and lead to injuries.

5- Get your children safe tools

Buy your children safe kitchen tools so they can use them whenever they’re cooking. These tools come in plastic and are small in size to perfectly fit their hands. And, most importantly, they are colored to guarantee great fun time in the kitchen!

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