Learn to freeze chicken safely!

Save time and effort by keeping extra chicken at hand for unexpected guests! But beware, chicken contains harmful bacteria that can spread easily in your house, that’s why it’s important to preserve it the safest way possible in your freezer! Let’s learn how!


1- Divide the chicken
When you buy chicken, divide it equally before placing it in a freezer bag. You can cut the chicken in different forms such as steaks, cubes or slices depending on the future recipes you want to prepare, this can help you to pack it easily.


2- Wrap it well
Don’t touch the chicken with bare hands, wear disposable gloves and throw them immediately when done. To preserve sliced chicken from freezer burns, wrap each slice with foil or parchment papers then place in the freezer bags. Make sure that the plastic bags are well sealed to avoid any leakage in the freezer.


3- Label the bags
Before freezing the chicken, label the bags with the date and even the content to keep you freezer well organized.


4- Freeze up to 9 months
If well preserved in the freezer, raw chicken lasts up to 9 months, while cooked chicken lasts up to 4 months. Past these deadlines, the chicken flavor and texture will change, so consume it during this period for maximum safety.


5- Defrost chicken
The safest way to thaw your chicken is to place in the refrigerator. This process will keep bacteria away from your chicken. For a quicker way, you can submerge the freezer bag in a cold water but make sure to change the water when it reaches room temperature to avoid bacteria growth. You can always put the chicken in microwave, but don’t follow this process unless you need to use the chicken immediately in your recipes!


Keep your chicken safe and at hand to prepare these delicious recipes: grilled chicken marinade, chicken pockets or chicken Quinoa salad!

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