Master The Art of Meat Seasoning

No one can resist the taste and aroma of grilled meat when seasoned with just the right amount of spices & herbs. In addition to the amazing taste they add to your dishes, seasonings moisturize the meat, making it juicier! Each type of meat requires a different type of seasoning, so experiment it with just the different types of spices and herbs. Grill or barbeque it, add the right amount, and make it a memorable dish! Here are few tips that you need to remember in order to master the art of seasoning meat!

1- Experiment to find the perfect selection!

Finding the appropriate seasoning can be a little bit hard and nothing will help you in this quest but experimenting. But before taking this road, you should know that each type of meat requires a certain variety of spices and herbs. For instance, beef pairs perfectly with basil, cumin, rosemary and thyme whereas lamb tastes better when seasoned with cinnamon, sage and mint. Veal matches with bay leaf, black pepper, dill and saffron. And now it’s your turn to create your combination!

2- Less is more

Before seasoning, make sure to read carefully the recipe to use the right amount of seasonings and if you’re preparing your grilled lamb chops without relying on any recipe, always start with small amounts. It’s always easier to add more spices rather than fixing an overly seasoned meat.

3- Use more than one ingredient!

Seasoning the meat is all about creating new flavours; that’s why it’s important not to overuse one ingredient to mask the meat’s taste. For example, garlic’s flavour is strong so use it moderately with other ingredients to create the perfect balance.

4- Choose the right way to marinate!

When seasoning your meat, you can either marinate it in a plastic bag or in a well-sealed container. Most importantly let the meat sit for few hours with the spices and herbs to absorb all the flavors. This step will guarantee the unique taste you’re looking for!

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