Quick and Easy Appetizers to Have for Your Gatherings

Appetizers and nibbles are always an additional stress when planning gatherings. You want to get the right middle of something timeless, something delicious and something that will wow your guests – without spending too much time in the kitchen! Here are a few dishes that are quick and effortless to prepare and will surely hit the spot.

1- Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings taste the best when paired with delicious sauces that give it an extra flavor and they can be roasted or grilled over a barbecue. Next gathering, why don’t you try preparing delicious Spicy Chicken Wings and serve them with our American Garden BBQ Sauce

2- Shrimps:
Shrimps always deserve a place on the dinner menu. Not only are they simple and fast to prepare, but their small size makes them an excellent option for a quick taster before the main dish. One delicious option is the Breaded Shrimps. Irresistible, especially when paired with our Thousand Island dressing.

3- Barbecue Grilled Liver
Here’s a dish that doesn’t get much attention but delivers a delicious punch on your dinner table! Made with a BBQ sauce marinade mixture that gives the grilled liver a delicious taste, this recipe will give you a dish that is unique and distinct compared to other recipes. Serve as an appetizer, or a quick meal.

Try these recipes at your next gathering and let us know how they work out for you.

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