Start your Ramadan preparations today!

Ramadan starts in a few weeks, and we know how preparing iftars and suhoors everyday can be exhausting.
To avoid cooking becoming a burden and in order to make your life easier, we invite you to follow our tips and start your preparations today: go shopping, fill your pantry with the must-have products and prepare some freezable foods for emergencies.

For your appetizers:
Did you know that freezer is your best ally during Ramadan? Start preparing your samosas today. Stuff them and shape them to your liking, then wrap them in small portions and freeze them. You can do the same with Kibbeh balls and all your favorite pies.

For your main courses:
Whatever you plan on preparing for your Iftars, some ingredients are always a must-have. A few chickens, cleaned today and frozen, will be of a great help on your busy days.
Fill your pantry with rice, different types of pastas and a lot of canned vegetables; and most importantly, do not forget tomato paste and tomato sauce. You will need them for your soups, stews and baked dishes.
For breaded food lovers, don’t forget to get some American Garden breadcrumbs, and for a last-minute iftar, consider always having a jar of American Garden pizza sauce or pasta sauce ready.

For your salads:

While Fattoush has always been the staple salad that sits in the middle of any Iftar table, people tend nowadays to add some more modern salads to their menus: tuna salads, pasta salads, Caesar salad … the choices are limitless.
American Garden offers a big variety of ready-to-use dressings that you should stock in your pantry: Thousand Island, Creamy Caesar, and Ranch … And don’t forget to get some mayonnaise as well for your coleslaws!

For your drinks:
Drinks like Jellab, tamarind and Kamaredeen are essential during the Holy month, but a refreshing smoothie can be a nice routine breaker on the hottest days.
Stock up on American Garden Toppings and Fillings and prepare the best smoothies ever. Recipe here!

For your desserts:
Busy moms and working housewives will love American Garden’s ready-cake mixes. Ready in 35 minutes only, they are a perfect indulgence after a filling Iftar.

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