The Art of Garnishing Your Food

When preparing for a meal, your dishes may lack some simple special touches that make their appearance attractive and irresistible. Here are 3 easy ways to garnish your dishes that are quick and effortless.


When using sauces and condiment , the key is not to overdo it, as it needs to be enough to add a design to the food or a platter, and to enhance the taste of the dish by adding some flavor. Any sauces and condiments of your taste will decorate your meal, and create an appetizing appearance. Example of sauces that you could use with your desserts is the American Garden Chocolate Syrup that could be used as decoration for the dessert or you could use American Garden U.S Ketchup  for decorating meats when serving them.
One way of doing this, is by applying polka dots using Ketchup and American Garden Mustard on the side of the plate, then using a small stick, walk a line between those dots and it will look like each dot attached to the other one.


Herbs; from Basil to Thyme or Mint to Rosemary, could be used to complete the dish. This botanical ingredient is guaranteed to enhance the taste of your dish, and make the flavor richer. Herbs give an attractive touch to your dishes as well, especially with chicken and meat dishes. Make sure to prepare before serving the dish to maintain their fresh flavor if it as it is sprinkled on the surface. It can be sprinkled in a scattered form on the plate edges, or shaping a circular line with it.


Another garnish idea, is to use Lemon; as it is one of the best types of citrus to decorate rice, fish and other seafood dishes. Lemon adds a taste and flavor to your food plate, and it can also be used to decorate the meals that do need lemon to be eaten with it. Lemon could be added to your meal by cutting them into slices by placing them surrounding the platter or on top of the dish.

Do you have your own way of garnishing your plates? Let us know how you do it in the comments section below.

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