This is the best sauce for each sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the quickest and easiest meals to prepare around the world. Served for ‎breakfast, inside a lunch box or as a quick dinner bite, there’s nothing easier than gathering few ‎ingredients between two loafs of bread. Yet if not accompanied with a tasty spread to match, a ‎sandwich can end up tasteless. That’s why at American Garden, we gathered few ‎sauces ideas for perfect sandwiches every single day! ‎


  • Steak sandwich: BBQ sauce

The trick in getting the juiciest steak sandwich is to marinate your meat: Make sure to add a dollop of American Garden BBQ sauce – original to the marinade. But that’s not all! For extra flavors and smokiness, spread some of the same sauce on your bread. You can try our Cheesesteak recipe for more inspiration about marinating your meat perfectly.

  • Crab sandwich: Honey Mustard

To unleash the tastiest flavors out of your crab sandwich, how about spreading some honey mustard sauce? Mix 1 tbsp of oil and 2 tbsp of honey with 2 tbsp of our American Garden U.S. mustard in a bowl. Season with salt and black pepper then spread the mixture over your bread. You’ll be enjoying one of the yummiest sandwiches ever!

  • Chicken sandwich: Garlic Mayonnaise

A tasty chicken sandwich is hard to top when paired with an exquisite sauce. Spread a spoonful of American Garden U.S mayonnaise sauce seasoned with garlic over your chicken sandwiches. If you’re opting for a stronger garlic flavor, you can always substitute the regular mayo-garlic with a more flavorful garlic sauce recipe.

  • Tuna sandwich: Lemon oil

Canned or grilled, tuna sandwiches are never dull when you add a tasty lemon oil sauce prepared with our refreshing American Garden Lemon Juice to the equation. Savor the taste of pure freshness during a picnic on a sunny day out or even during a barbecue gathering with your friends and family at home!

  • Submarine: Ketchup

Your submarine sandwiches taste even better when you match them with ketchup! Squeeze a dollop of American Garden U.S Ketchup over your sandwich and serve it at lunch or dinner time. Your family and friends will be certainly asking for more!

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