Tricks to prepare a wholesome salad

When you don’t have time to prepare a whole meal, or when you feel like preparing a dish that combines all the aspects of a whole meal, think about preparing tasty wholesome salads. At American Garden, we gathered few tips and tricks for you to create the most delicious salad that will pack you with full energy for the day.


  • Get creative with dressings

A full combination of greens and veggies is not enjoyed without a dressing. Consider the perfect dressing or you will end up with a ruined salad. You can try a whole lot of ready to use dressings like the Horseradish sauce or American Garden Ranch dressing. You can also prepare your own blend such as a tasty honey-mustard sauce using American Garden U.S. Mustard!


  • Grill your veggies

A wholesome salad tastes heavenly when you include grilled vegetables among your ingredients. You can even marinate them with American Garden  BBQ Sauce-Original or American Garden  BBQ Sauce -Honey before throwing them on the grill. They will take the flavors of your salad to a whole new level and you will leave everyone wondering about your secret ingredient!


  • Add olives without moderation

Olives add such a delicious salty flavor to your salads. Green, black, whole, sliced pitted or stuffed, take your pick! You can even mix them for more colors and flavors. Try among our selection, American Garden  Olives-Black sliced and American Garden Olives-Green pitted. You won’t regret it and your family will certainly agree!


  • Spice up the flavors

Spicy flavors add intense tastes to your salad. You can use American Garden Jalapeno Pepper whole, and if you feel a little more adventurous you can add American Garden spicy sauces like the American Garden Hot Sauce Louisiana Style or American Garden Habanero Sauce. Get ready for an explosion of flavors!


  • Top with meat, chicken or fish

Just like a whole meal is incomplete without the main course, your wholesome salad is incomplete without meat, chicken or fish. You can even marinate them with American Garden Worcestershire sauce or American Garden Soy Sauce! Add a dollop of American Garden Caesar dressing to your blend and watch your family and guests fall in love with the flavors!

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