This is how to use peanut butter in your desserts!

If you’re a peanut butter addict then you definitely know that this spread isn’t just made for breakfast sandwiches! Peanut butter gets along with almost all kinds of desserts. Whether cold or baked, your treats will never taste the same again! So prepare your American Garden creamy or crunchy peanut butter and turn it into these desserts!

  • Maamoul

How about you add a special taste to your traditional date maamoul recipe? All you got to do is mixing the date paste with American Garden chunky peanut butter. Try the Date maamoul with peanut butter recipe!

  • Cake

Nothing beats the chocolate and peanut butter combination, you can either prepare this easy chocolate cake in a mug with peanut butter or lazy cake with chocolate and peanut butter. Both recipes are super easy to make, choose your favorite!

  • Cookies

Cookies will make the prefect treat in your kids’ lunchboxes and what if they’re prepared with peanut butter? Prepare this peanut butter cookies recipe; It’s a must-try that both kids and adults will love!

  • Brownies

For an irresistible taste, spread your traditional brownies cake recipe with a thin layer of American Garden chunky peanut butter or better, how about you prepare the batter with peanut butter?

  • Cupcakes

From the cake to the frosting, this peanut butter cupcakes recipe is prepared with American Garden creamy peanut butter! Follow the steps thoroughly for perfect results and don’t forget to decorate!

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