What is mustard made of and what are its common types

What is mustard made of and what are its common types?

Mustard is one of the condiments that is loved by all! If you have a taste for, you really love it, and you certainly love using it in your favorite dishes. The best part about this delicious sauce is that it grows on you because it’s so multifaceted and it enhances the taste of many of your favorite foods. It is used in as a marinating sauce, salad dressing and of course, as a dipping sauce for fries, nuggets and more.

So what is mustard made of?

There are a variety of different types of mustards but its origin comes down to one plant in the Brassica family. We commonly find these three variants of seeds – white (sometimes off-white or yellow), brown and black. The lighter colors are milder whereas brown and black are hotter and more pungent. Most mustard is made of white mustard seeds and some are a mix of the two. American Garden Spicy Brown Mustard is made with the flavorsome, rich and spicy brown mustard seeds. This is where it gets its distinctive taste and texture from.

What are some of the common types of mustard?

The classic – Yellow mustard

Yellow mustard is the most commonly found mustard out there, and is also known as American Ballpark Mustard. It gets its yellow hue from turmeric, and is made from white mustard seeds. It’s not that spicy but has a distinctive taste to it.

The coveted – Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard originates from France and is also known as French mustard. The color of the Dijon mustard differentiates from the rest; it is known to be a pale-yellow color, instead of the bright yellow mustard that we are used to seeing.

The unique – English Mustard

English mustard is mostly used in its powdered form but can be mixed with water so it can reach its full potential, and can be used as a sauce. It’s made with white mustard seeds and is known to be less potent.

The rustic – Whole Grain Mustard

This mustard is coarser in nature and is made of a mix of whole and ground seeds giving it a different texture.

American Garden has a variety of mustard sauces from regular mustard to spicy mustard. American Garden Spicy Brown Mustard is made with high-quality, top-grade, darker brown seeds and is an excellent addition to your pastrami, roast beef, and a wide range of international cuisines. It elevates the richness in flavor of hot-dogs, sandwiches, burgers and nuggets due to its deep flavor and coarse texture.

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