Real Mayonnaise Original

An age-old favourite, American Garden Mayonnaise offers the best quality in its segment with an authentic American recipe that makes for a perfectly rich and creamy taste.

American Garden mayonnaise is now available in easy to squeeze bottle to tune up the flavour and for your convenience!

Made with no added colors and flavours, Real Mayonnaise Original is great for adding a smooth and velvety taste to your everyday meals.

Swirl the delicious creamy taste of American Garden mayonnaise on your burgers, sandwiches, or fries.

Available sizes: 400ml


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Retailer Pack Size Price
237ml AED
237ml 8.75 AED
237ml 8.6 AED
400ml AED
400ml 14.75 AED
400ml 14.2 AED
453ml 11.5 AED
473ml 12.75 AED
887ml 18.4 AED
887ml 16.5 AED
887ml 17.24 AED


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