U.S. Mayonnaise

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An age-old favorite, American Garden Mayonnaise offers the best quality in its segment with an authentic American recipe that makes for a perfectly rich and creamy taste.

Our mayonnaise is great for adding a smooth and velvety taste to your meals.Available sizes: 8oz, 16 oz, 30oz.


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4 reviews for U.S. Mayonnaise

  1. emmanuella

    I love love this mayo!!! It’s smooth silky and has d greatest test ever…I can use it with almost anything!

  2. ezaz

    i love this mayonnaise ???

  3. Abdul Salih

    superb taste and quality i suggest every one. you can use burger, sand which macaroni etc

  4. Noor-ul-Ain

    I used it for the first time and i am gonna use it again…Loved it…..

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