Bread Crumbs Plain

American Garden Bread Crumbs Plain is made from bread that is dried and ground to create a fine texture, perfect for adding a crispy coating to your favorite dishes.
Versatile ingredient for breading, coating, and thickening, these breadcrumbs can be used for a variety of foods such as fried chicken, fish, and vegetables.
American Garden Bread Crumbs can be quickly and conveniently added to your favorite dish for a delightful texture.
Comes in a convenient resealable container to ensure that you have delicious bread crumbs on hand whenever you need them.
American Garden Bread Crumbs are available in Plain, Roasted Garlic, Panko, Whole Wheat, Romano Cheese, and Hot & Spicy varieties to suit your everyday needs.

Available sizes: 283g, 425g

Category : Cooking Aids, Bread Crumbs

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