Hamburger Pickles Chips Dill Flavored

American Garden Dill Flavored Hamburger Pickles delivers a classic dill flavor and has a convenient chip size to enhance the taste of your favorite foods.

American Garden Hamburger Pickles contain a tangy taste and a crunchy texture to add depth to your favorite foods.

American Garden Dill Hamburger Pickles are chip-sized and perfect for adding a crispy taste to your burger, but can also be used for enhancing the flavor of sandwiches or salads.

Hamburger dill pickles are a perfect addition for a wide range of occasions such as a picnic, BBQ, lunch, or dinner, the possibilities are endless.

Be sure to try our Dill Flavored Whole Pickled Cucumbers Pickles, or Dill Flavored Petite Cucumber Pickles for more delicious varieties to enhance your dishes.

Available sizes: 907g, 1.93kg

Category : Condiments, Pickles

Tag : Gluten free, Vegetarian

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