Natural Peanut Butter Honey

Satisfy your sweet cravings with American Garden Natural Peanut Butter Honey made from only natural and simple ingredients
A touch of real honey mixed with delicious peanuts, this peanut butter is made with natural and simple ingredients with the perfect blend of nutty, sweet, and salty tastes
This peanut butter contains no artificial colors or artificial flavors, has no preservatives, and is gluten and dairy-free.
Requires no stirring, making it easy to spread on a sandwich, add to smoothies, top a banana slice, or add to your favorite snack
Packed with protein and fiber, this versatile peanut butter is your ideal companion to kickstart your day or give you an afternoon boost

Sizes Available: 454g

Category : Peanut Butter, Spreads

Tag : Dairy Free, Gluten free, Vegetarian

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