Peanut Butter Creamy

Deliciously smooth and creamy, our American Garden Peanut Butter Creamy delivers an authentic American taste.
Enjoy the rich creamy texture and treat your tastebuds with the perfect taste of nutty, sweet, and salty peanut butter.
This peanut butter contains no artificial colors or artificial flavors, has no preservatives, is gluten and dairy-free, and is vegan.
Perfect for snacks, make a classic peanut butter sandwich, add to shakes, cookies, or even use it as a dip for your apples, the possibilities are endless with this little jar.
Packed with protein and fiber, this versatile peanut butter is your ideal companion to kickstart your day or give you an afternoon boost.

Size: 340g, 454g, 794g

Category : Peanut Butter, Spreads

Tag : Dairy Free, Gluten free, Vegetarian

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(5)5 reviews

Customer reviews

I Like it


    Fav peanut butter brand!!!


    It taste good and it is creamy, I love it


    It’s delicious and tasty cream,?

    Shijo Joseph

    It has blendy creamy taste, I love it!