Tomato Puree

American Garden Tomato Puree enhances the flavor of your favorite dishes and is made from natural vine-ripened tomatoes that are picked at the peak of freshness.

Add a rich tomato taste to your pasta sauces, pizzas, stews, curries, or soups, the possibilities are endless with this tomato puree.

American Garden Tomato Puree is gluten-free, ready to use, has a long shelf life, and is the perfect addition to a wide range of meals.

Conveniently pre-cooked and packaged in a can for easy storage and use, elevate your favorite recipes with an authentic tomato flavor.

For more delicious tomato varieties, try our Tomato Sauce, Diced Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, or Stewed Tomatoes.

Available size: 425g.

Category : Cooking Aids, Tomato Products

Tag : Gluten free

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