Tuna Salad

In addition to serving it in jars, you can prepare and serve this easy to make tuna salad recipe in 20 minutes! Your guests will surely fall in love with the concept. Bon appétit!

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  • ‎1 cup American Garden Italian Dressing‎

  • ‎2 large carrots, shredded‎

  • ‎400g rice noodles‎

  • ‎2 cups frozen green beans‎

  • ‎1 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced‎

  • ‎½ cup chili pepper, sliced‎

  • ‎2 cans tuna‎

  • ‎½ cup basil leaves‎

  • ‎½ cup mint leaves‎

  • ‎½ tsp salt

  • ‎½ tsp black pepper‎


  • Mix American Garden Italian Dressing with salt and black pepper in a bowl. Divide between 4 ‎jars.‎

  • Add even quantities of shredded carrots to the dressing.‎

  • In a large pot over medium-high heat, cook rice noodles as per the instruction on the box and ‎drain well. Divide half the quantity between the jars, on top of the carrots.‎

  • Put green beans in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes.‎

  • Add even quantities of green beans, cherry tomatoes and chili pepper slices inside the jars.‎

  • Add the rest of the cooked noodles, top with tuna and garnish with mint and basil leaves. ‎Enjoy!‎

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