Six Steps For the Perfect Barbeque

You’re inviting the whole family for lunch and you’re looking for an easy and tasty menu to prepare? Here are a 6 bbq tips for beginners if you’re looking to achieve for the perfect barbeque!

1- Prepare your ingredients ahead of time

The first and foremost bbq step is to plan the barbecue in advance, whether you’re preparing chicken, meat or fish, let them thaw in the fridge overnight safely in separate bowls. Cut them to your preference and get ready for the next step. This is the ideal bbq cooking method.

2- Get your marinade ready

You can’t have great barbecue if you don’t season and marinate your ingredients. It’s the golden rule for juicy and tender grilled chicken, steak and other types meat cut. We recommend you to try American Garden’s to Meat Tenderizer and to sprinkle it onto Worcestershire sauce or BBQ sauce with Honey flavor. The Tenderizer’s powder will help to reach inside the meat and enhance the flavor. Don’t hesitate to add your favorite veggies, they will make your barbecue even tastier! You can try this grilled chicken marinade or the grilled steak with mushroom sauce.

3- Skewer cubed meat and chicken

Once your meat and chicken are well marinated, pat them with an absorbent paper to remove the excess of juices then thread them in wooden or stainless steel skewers alternating with sliced vegetables such as mushrooms, colored bell peppers and even eggplants!

4- Clean your grill

Whether it’s an electric, gas or a charcoal grill, clean the wire rack well before using it and give it a good scrape to remove any food residue. These are a few bbq techniques to keep in mind before starting your grill. You can oil it to prevent the food to stick. Preheat the grill before placing the skewers on it.

5- Start grilling

Nothing is more fun than the grilling part, do it in batches and don’t overload your grill. For instance, space your skewers, if you’re grilling chicken and meat, do it separately. Don’t turn them too often to avoid losing the juices. Another BBQ trick is to make sure that the steak is not too cold once you start grilling. Cold steak means that it will take you longer to grill it to perfection. Also, remember that the longer you spend time grilling meat cut, the tougher it is going to become. So the temperature of the steak during the beginning of grilling time does make a difference, so don’t grill a cold steak!
Use these few grilling and bbq tips , and voila! Your bbq preparation is just what you imagined. Perfect!

6- Serve hot

Remove your grilled food and place it immediately in bread loaves to keep it warm. Serve immediately along your side dishes, such as potato chips or salads, making it the ideal bbq presentation. Use the BBQ Original Sauce as a dip and relish!

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