Chicken Liver Recipe

You can never have too much fun on a family day out. Gather around the grill, and enjoy cooking mouthwatering chicken liver skewers cooked in only 6 minutes!

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  • ‎750 g chicken liver, cubed‎

  • ‎4 tbsp American Garden BBQ Sauce – Original

  • ‎1 tsp salt‎

  • ‎1 tsp black pepper ‎

  • ‎¼ cup parsley, to garnish‎

  • ‎2 tbsp mint leaves, to garnish‎

  • ‎1 tbsp vegetable oil‎


  • Combine chicken liver cubes with American Garden BBQ Sauce – Original in a mixing bowl. ‎Season with salt and black pepper.‎

  • Preheat your grill and lightly brush it with vegetable oil so the chicken liver cubes won’t stick. ‎

  • Skewer the marinated chicken liver cubes and grill them for 3 min per side, turning once.‎

  • Garnish with parsley and mint then serve.‎

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